Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carnaval Santiaguero

The carnaval experience in my town of Santiago is one quite different from La Vega. First off, the costumes are not of devils, but of luchones, which are fantastical animals that appear to be a cross between a duck and a bull. There is lots of dancing, loud noises, and confetti everywhere. Instead of trying to avoid being hit by one of the things they swing around in La Vega, I spend the evening trying avoid getting confetti thrown in my face! The whips that they crack in Santiago make a terrifying noise, but they do not hit you, which is nice. All around the monument and the street of Calle del Sol carnaval was happening. There were people everywhere dancing and singing and whatching the parades. Santiago is famous for having a carnaval that has remained very traditional.

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