Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Los Tres Ojos

Saturday after getting all settled in Hotel Independencia we went to Los Tres Ojos, where we met Martha and her boyfriend Francis as well. The park was gorgeous. The main attraction is the three lakes underground in a cave. There are indicators that the Tainos used this cave as well for healing, religious ceremonies, and as a hiding place from the Spaniards. There is something in the rocks that causes the water to be a really bright blue. In the lakes are fish and turtles as well. There’s a fourth lake, which is not considered to be one of the ojos, that you need to can only get to by crossing the third on a little boat. The path way between the third and fourth lake looked straight out of Harry Potter and Phantom of the Opera. It is the filming site for part of the first Jurassic Park movie. I was really excited to find a big Taino petroglyph, which no one believed me was real, so I called Lynne and she said that yes, the one Taino petroglyph in the cave is real and the one I saw. It was quite satisfying. Also, someone approached me and started speaking French to me. I must really give off a European vibe.

My guidebook said that this site is “mildly interesting”, but we were blown away by how pretty it was! Our description will include that it is the filming site of Phantom of the Opera and where JK Rowling got her inspiration for the 6th Harry Potter book.

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