Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My First Casino Experience

Saturday night, my friends and I went to the Casino. Expecting to lose anything I brought, I only played with RD$350.00 (approx. $11.25) and yes, I lost it all to the slot machines. There is an itty bit of strategy, but they are mostly luck. It was hillarious how much we stood out. We could get so excited whenever we won anything or got a Babooshka Bonus on out favorite machine. Everyone else, much older and spending much more money, never showed emotion. So long as I was playing (or pretending to) I was entitled to free drinks and food for the entire evening. The casino also provided us with a chauffer to drive us home. I made sure I got my $350 worth of fun, drinks, and food for the night and in the end a ride home. :) Even though I left with nothing, it was still a really fun night and I'll probably be going back again.

Jacob was the only person who won anything. At one point, I'm pretty sure he had RD$1,000.00 and he only started with $200. He left the casino with $400. He was holding on to my keys for the night because my dress didn't have pockets and it wasn't until he had arrived at home and I was on my way when we realized that Jacob still had my keys. In the end he broke even, but he spent his $200 on a taxi ride to my house at 2:30am to drop of my keys and then return home.


  1. And a chauffeur home?! That rocks! It sounds like you had a very good time! Well, it’s fun to spend some time in recreation centers like casinos. Aside from gambling, it also offers some entertainment like shows and concerts.

    Clint Fillmore

  2. You're amazing, Mary! You handled your money well even if you lose all of it. Some people don't even have a budget when going to a casino. The bolder ones are spending more than they can handle. But in your case, you stick to your budget and still enjoyed the night. First experiences always the most memorable one, and for you it's true. ==SpinAcoin.com==

  3. Quite a nice setup, I would think. I, for one, would definitely love to play where I can get drinks on the house while being able to enjoy myself at the slots or at the tables. I mean, that money would probably go to drinks anyways, so why not enjoy something else while doing so? Also, it was nice of Jacob to drop off your keys despite the late hour.