Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carnaval Vegano # 3 y 4

Sunday March 22 was the largest carnaval celebration in La Vega. There were so many people there and the devils just kept coming and coming! I did not get hit like I did the first time and this time for there were way more people to block me from the blow. It was nearly impossible to walk through the crowds. The costumes were absolutely gorgeous. We had to pay to enter the caves and therefore, did not. Nevertheless, Carnaval was a blast. I'm so sad it's over.

Friday, March 27 is Independance Day in the DR and therefore La Vega had one more carnaval celebration. Susan and I went with my Haitian friend Christine from sculpture class and two of her friends. This time, the masks were off, because Lent has begun, which made everything more scary because all of a sudden, they were people hitting us not devils. I got hit the most at this carnaval and it was so scary! We met one of Lynne's friends at a Fiesta del Palos the night before and ran into him at carnaval dressed up like a clown. While giving him a hug to say hello and then again to say goodbye, I was wallopped in the butt by an unseen devil. I have a huge bruise as a souvenir. I got hit a few more times after that, but not as hard. Standing at a beer tent, we made friends with tour American-Dominicans from New York and Boston, which worked out especially well when it started down pouring for they let us hide in their tent from the rain. It was POURING! The funniest image I have from the entire month of carnaval is tons of people cramming themselves into portapotties to hide from the rain.

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