Wednesday, March 4, 2009

El Violista en el Tejado

The Fiddler on the Roof translates surprising well into Spanish! Going to the theater was so much fun! We had second row orchestra seats. The music was all the same, just the words changed. Not everything translated exactly, but most of it was really close and there were some songs where I liked the Spanish version better.

It was so relaxing to relax and watch Fiddler, a show I know so well since I was in it my junior year of high school. Kori and Susan were a bit confused because they didn’t know the story at all, but Stacey and I followed all of it. Everyone loved it. The guy who played Tevye was so cute and the daughters were excellent as well as their boyfriends. The dancing was absolutely incredible! I loved it.

It was hilarious for us to leave the theater where everyone was dressed to the nines and on their best behavior and go back to Hotel Independencia.

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