Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Would you rather be sitting on a root waiting for an unknown objective or in the kiosk eating a sandwich?" - Constanza part 2

Saturday, we piled into three "Safari" strucks to embark on a gringo parade around the town. First, we took about an hour ride to a breathtaking water fall. From there, we had to option to take a pretty difficult hike to the tallest water fall in the Caribbean or go to the kiosk and eat a sandwich. Many, including me, chose the waterfall.

Due to the rain, the path we were supposed to take was flooded, so we found ourselves sitting on roots, rocks, and mud, very high up for roughly an hour and half waiting for the guide to make a new path. We then started playing "would you rather" which led to the question "Would you rather be sitting on a root waiting for an unknown objective or in the kiosk eating a sandwich?" The new path was a 85 degree incline while we needed a rope to climb and could only do it one at time.

Susan, Leidy, Sarah-Naomi and I were the last to go up and see the waterfall and it was really breathtaking. I wish we could've had more time to just sit up there, but we were running so behind that we just had time to snap a few photos and then head back.

We then went into town for lunch. After lunch a tour of the different farms was scheduled and were all dreading it due to being hot, tired, and exhausted from the waterfall adventure. There wasn't a tour guide in my safari truck so we were driving around for roughly an hour and half through farms wondering where the farm we were going to tour was. Then, out of nowhere, we arrived at our hotel and it turns out that the ride was our tour! It was the most fun agriculture tour I've ever been on!
In the evening, we had a barbeque and hung out by a fire.
It was a really good day and weekend in general! :) The three guys in our group sure enjoyed being surrounded by 35 girls all day!
Also, note that I'm wearing a Moosejaw t-shirt... I'll finally get in the photo album at the store! Now I just need to take a picture with a bagel to get on the wall at Bloomington Bagel Company!

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