Friday, February 6, 2009

My Least Favorite Place

There is this place on campus called Copy City and it is my least favorite place in the Dominican Republic, perhaps the whole world.

Most of my professors don't have books for us to buy, they have articles that we need to buy copies of. Sometimes they make you buy all the articles for the class at once, but some teachers make you go to Copy City weekly to pick up your articles.

It's horrible in there.

It's always so jam packed with people that you can't even move and you have to wait for the workers to call you number before they will help you. Then trying to explain what you want it another adventure. I never know what I want because my instructions are always this "go pick up the reading in the copy center". Also, depending on what day you go, you may or may not get the right articles.

For example, I, like a good student, went to go pick up my copies for Procesos on a Monday at 9am. The next day in class, my professor told us of a problem: any one who picked up their copies before 5pm on the specific Monday that I went to get mine bought the packet from last semester and thus the wrong packet. There were two articles missing from my packet and I had 3 articles that I didn't need. I then went in to exchange my unneeded articles for the correct ones, which was quite the adventure. The people at Copy City were never notified of the mix up and it was so difficult to explain what I needed. I was the first one in my class to try and exchange articles... I wonder how the rest will make out in there.

There is also extreme confusion concerning articles for Community Service as well. We all only bought one packet. Our assignment was to read it and write a one page response. When we got to class on Thursday, we realized that there were three different articles circulating around that people read and wrote responses on. I hope I read the right one. I only have one.

I have to go back there to pick up more articles. I really don't want to. I hate it there so much.

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