Monday, January 19, 2009

Going Out Dominican Style

This past weekend was my first weekend in Santiago (I was in Santo Domingo for my first weekend in the DR), so my friends and I ventured out to the discotecas!

Santiago is a city that never sleeps! Friday night, I went out with my friends from the states, Amanda and Susan, and two Dominican friends from the university, Diego, Viviano, and Amaury. First, we went to a pretty fancy discoteca, to Viviano's house, and then out to eat. Before I we knew it, it was 4am and Amanda, Susan, and I were exhausted and decided to go home, but the guys said that people stay out all night and were ready to keep going! I was really quiet coming in, but then when I was telling my host mom about my night, I apologized for coming home so late. She asked what time I was in and when I said 4, she replied "4 isn't late! People here stay out dancing 'til 6 or 7!"

Saturday, I went to the art and culture museum and did some window shopping. I need to buy art supplies for my sculpture class, but the store was closed. I love walking around the city and checking out all the stores. The stores are also great for practicing Spanish, which I need to do more of. This weekend, most people who I was with, even the Dominicans, spoke English. It was great because I could have a coherent, intelligent conversion (I sound like I have the intelligence level of a fifth grader. On the other hand, though I'm here to learn and practice Spanish. I really need to be more diligent about only speaking Spanish.

The art and culture museum was great. The anthropology and history section was really interesting and will filled with artifacts from the Taino people and the post contact as well. The art section was not that much different that what you'd expect in a modern art museum in the United States.

Saturday was also my host sister's 6th birthday. For her party, we went to Pizza Hut and it was amazing! I have never craved American fast food like I do here. Don't get my wrong, the traditional food here is incredible, but adjusting to a new place, language, and diet all at once is quite difficult and I find myself craving familiarity. Here, the only familiar restaurants are Burger King, McDolalds, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, and KFC.

Saturday night, after her party, I went back out to the discotecas, but tired out much earlier. Going out dancing in the DR is rediculously fun, but one of the most exhuasting things I've ever done!

My tummy is growling. It's almost time for lunch, so I'm going to be off.

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