Saturday, January 31, 2009

El Museo de las Hermanas Mirabel

Yesterday, we went to the Museum of the Mirabel Sisters. The Mirabel sisters were extremely influential in the rebellion against Trujillo. Trujillo was assassinated shortly after they were. The were killed on their way home from visiting their husbands in prison in Puerto Plata and then put in their car and it was staged to look like an accident, but everyone knew they had been assassinated and did not die in a car crash. They are buried on the grounds of the museum along with Minerva's husband Manolo.

Today, one of the four, Dede is still alive and she came to the museum to talk with us and sign books if we had them. I bought In El Tiemp de las Mariposas (In the Time of the Butterflies) which is a novel about the sisters, and had it signed by Dede.

The museum is at the house where the sisters lived the last 10 months of their life. Inside, it is set up with their furniture and their clothes are still in the closet. There was a display of things that were in their car when they were found dead.

Dede still lives in the house where they grew up and we went there after we left the museum. The gardens at both houses were absolutely gorgeous.

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